When Jessica is horny you are going to see some Sloppy Cock Sucking

Sloppy Cock SuckingI always know when Jessica is super horny because she goes crazy on my cock. She uses a tremendous amount of spit and tries very hard to swallow my dick. I have verified this a few times by comparing her excitement in sucking my cock and feeling for wetness in her crotch. When she does a sloppy cock sucking her pussy is always wetter. Other times when she is not so into me she’s not so sloppy and a little dryer.

Today was a great day because she was also talking dirty while she sucked my cock.  She had just come home from a long jog when I was getting out of the shower.  Although she was tired she finds herself incredibly horny after exercising.  She found me naked and drying myself off.  She said oh FUCK, I’m hot and look at that sweet cock, I want it now.  Before she grabbed my cock she removed her sweaty shirt and bra and revealed her glowing chest.  Immediately my dick became hard.  Then she removed her short shorts and got down on her knees.  She quickly put my cock in her mouth and tried to swallow it.  Wow, I didn’t think it was possible but my dick got even harder.

Then the sloppy cock sucking began.  She went down and up and my cock went in real deep.  She had it so far down her throat, she was licking my balls.  Then she said, “I need two cocks, I want to suck two at a time baby.”  She said, can I be your slut?

I said we need to find another guy and fast.  Let’s try Craigslist, I bet we could have someone in an hour.  We did just that.  We posted an ad on Craigslist.  We explained that Jessica is horny and wants to suck two cocks at a time and that we need them to send us some real pictures and then we would provide the winner with an address where we can meet.

Once we posted the ad Jessica went back to sucking as we waited for responses.  I looked down at her panties as she was sucking me and I noticed her hand was down there.  She was playing with herself with one hand, while she jerked my cock with the other.  I could tell now she was super horny.  I didn’t wait to meet our stranger from Craiglist.  I needed her now.  I pulled her up to me and we kissed passionately. I could taste cock on her breath.  I put my hand in her panties as we kissed and finger blasted her.  She began to moan as we kissed.  Then I pulled her to the bed and got her on all fours and got behind her.  I had her ass in my face and began licking her ass and slowing moving down to her pussy and clit.  As I did this I reached forward with my left hand and squeezed her tits.  She was moaning and pushing her pelvis back into my face.  She was truly loving what I was doing.

Sloppy Cock SuckingI had forgotten at first but quickly remember, she hadn’t showered yet from after her run. Her pussy and ass smelled and tasted different from before.  She was sweatier and dirty but I loved it.  Her scent, her smell turned me on so much.  I was about to cum without touching myself.  So I decided to fuck her.  She was so wet, it just slid right in.  She screamed, OH Fuck Yes Fuck me Fuck me.

I immediately unloaded with a huge ejaculation as I pumped my cock in her one last push and I held it in her.  When the orgasm was done my thoughts were clear.  I realized she hadn’t cum yet.  I didn’t think about it for a second.  I went right back down there and began eating her out again.  She screamed “Oh My Fucking god, you Fucking Pervert. Your Cum is dripping out of me. Eat Me, Eat me”  When she finally came she said oh thank you so much, you are the best, that is just what I needed.  I said it’s the least I can do after your sloppy cock sucking.

Sloppy Cock Sucking



This is the second part of my story of when Susan and I experienced a Hotel BlowJob.  If you haven’t already, please read Part 1 of Hotel Blowjob first.


She had just begun sucking his cock.  He was already hard when he got naked because Susan had stripped and danced for us a little.  I was hard too.  Susan had learned much earlier in life, how to deep throat a cock, it was much before I met her. She loves deep throating the cock and I love watching it.  She specifically likes when the cock is soaking wet in spit.  She loves when it gets all over her face as well.  She loves it because men love to see it and when the men get turned on she gets turned on more. Of course I’m a man and so I love it.

Secret to Discreet Sex --Hotel Blowjob

Hotel Blowjob

So she was balls deep gagging and spitting away on this guys cock.  She was also feverishly stroking away on his cock.  She had only been doing it about two minutes when Jeff said, oh shit, I think I’m going to cum. This was way too early for Susan to stop her fun so she immediately stopped deep throating, let go of his dick and stood up.

“Oh thank you he said, I just need a little break.” He lay back on the bed, he was breathing very deeply and his face and his chest looked flush.  It was clear was enjoying himself.

My wife’s face was covered in spit, especially her lips. She looked at Jeff and said, you sir have a hard cock, and I love your pre cum, it tastes so good and I’m covered in it.  Then she smiled a devilish smile and glanced over at me.

My dick was precumming too and I was stroking so hard and slow. She could tell I was on the edge, close to coming too. “You like to taste your precum, but you have never tasted someone else’s.  She slowly walked over to me with that sexy walk she has and she leaned down as I reached up and WE KISSED.

Her lips tasted delicious. She pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and slashed it around mine.  Now, being more aroused than ever before, I kissed her back with a passion unseen and she could sense my excitement.

“Can you taste him”, she exclaimed. “You must be able to taste his precum, do you like it?

I glanced away and my face went red.

“You Do, You Do, you love the taste of his precum”!!!

She reached down and started stroking my cock.  Precum started pouring out so she began to squeeze it out onto the tips of her fingers.  When she had a large amount on her fingers she brought them to my mouth.

“Now open up”, she said, “taste yourself”.

There was no delay, I opened up and sucked on her fingers and she purred and said “ohhh, you naughty boy”.

Then she went back to Jeff, who was watching it all in amazement. She slowly reached down and gently rubbed his balls then slowly moved up his shaft and began a gentle stroke. Her grip got tighter and she began stroking harder and faster.  Then Susan bent down and took him in her mouth.  It wasn’t long until he was moaning again.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming”.  This time she didn’t stop, she stroked him harder and began to deep throat him again.  He erupted him moans and his dick began to flinch. He was cumming…. No he was unloading his cum down my wife’s throat.  I could she was struggling to swallow.  Some leaked out and rolled onto her lips and down her chin a little.

“Oh fuck baby, did you ever cum”  She said.  That was fucking fun. She immediately got up and walked back over to me.  She put my cock in her hand and stroked me, then she “Kissed Me Again.”.

“Can you taste my lips”.  That’s all she said and I was cumming.  It leaked out all over her hand and she stared at my cock and string and string poured out.  My heart was racing. It was the most fun having a Hotel Blowjob.  We kissed again and I said to my wife.

“Let’s do this again”



Hotel blow job.


Over the years my wife and I have found that the easiest and most private way to enjoy our fantasies is to get out of town where nobody knows us and spend a few nights in a hotel. We like to go to nice somewhat expensive hotels because the men there are usually married, away on business and discrete.  Our secret to discreet sex with strangers is the Hotel Blowjob.

Hotel Blowjob

Hotel Blowjob

So after a long hard week of work we like to drive three hours away to a town far away where we know nobody. Usually around nine or 10 o’clock at night will go down to the lobby at the hotel and we will start small talk with a gentleman who is alone. Usually we look for the wedding ring on the finger as well because married men are discrete. My wife is 35 but looks absolutely amazing. She looks like she’s 25.  She’s a nurse and very often at the hospital old ladies think she’s a student nurse.

So we usually start small talk asking where he’s from what he likes what he doesn’t like and we slowly but surely move the conversation to be about sex. We’ll talk about our history and my wife will bring up her exciting past before she met me.  Susan provides explicit details that still excite me now when I hear it and of course it excites the men who are away from home, missing their wives. We will then usually signal each other and I’ll go up and get another round of beers or go to the bathroom when my wife will pop the question.

“So my husband really gets a kick out of watching me suck other men’s cocks. Do you think you’d be interested in coming upstairs us and letting my husband watch me give you a hotel blowjob.”

It’s quite literally as simple as that. Yes sometimes it fails but more than 50% of the time the men are quite happy to come upstairs with us. Like I said my wife is an extremely attractive woman with an amazing body. I assume it’s quite hard for these guys to say no. Sometimes the guy has trouble and he so badly wants to say no and he does spend some time thinking about it and eventually says yes and the odd time they eventually say no but most men don’t think too much about it at all and say yes.

That’s when we take a walk upstairs and my wife sits him on the edge of the bed and I usually find my place on a chair in the corner of the room. My wife will ask him if he wants to see her topless and of course they always say yes. It’s at this time when I get my cock out as fast as I can because she’s about to slowly strip for us and it’s very exciting to watch her do it. Usually you can see the guy starts squirming and feeling himself in his pants, doing a little adjusting because you can tell he’s getting very hard. Finally she will tell him to take his pants off and he pulls them down as quick as he can, she falls down to her knees and starts to tease me. How does she teased me, you ask? She teases me by slowly licking the side of his shaft and gently squeezing his balls when all along she knows I want to watch her suck that cock.

When she’s done licking his shaft and squeezing his balls she always stops dead, looks over at me smiles a big smile and then deep throats his cock.

To be continued.


My Wife Sucks Cock At A Swingers Club.

Wife Sucks Cock At A Swingers Club


My previous post was about the night we met. In this post I’m going to speak more about the present day and what occurred about a month ago we went on a trip out of town to Canada, to Toronto. We heard about this bar downtown specifically for couples it was a swingers bar or club as they say. We had spoken about it for several months and decided we would just go and see what it was like. We had no plans really to get involved with anybody but we were interested to see what it was like.

My wife was dressed in a trench coat and long boots. Under her trench coat she was actually wearing a bikini. It was a very skimpy string bikini that did not leave much to the imagination she figured she has an amazing body why not flaunt it and that she did. I simply wore jeans and a T-shirt was nothing really for me to wear as a guy. When we arrived we were greeted by the doorman.  There was a lineup of several couples outside but he saw my wife and immediately allowed us to enter I understood at that point they gave preferential treatment to people who are good-looking.

Wife Sucks Cock At A Swingers PartyOnce we got inside there was a host that took our coats. At this point my wife of course had a very big smile on her face as she slowly removed her coat for the host to see her amazing body. And that he did, he looked her over from top to bottom for several seconds and I could see she was enjoying every moment. He gave us directions to the bar and where we could sit on the couches, he then explained if we wanted to go to the exclusive private area we had to remove all our clothes first. When he said that I glanced at my wife and her eyes grew large I could tell she was excited.

We went to the bar. got drinks and made our way to a nice cozy couch that had another couple sitting at. They were a nice looking couple a few years older than us. We went through the proverbial greetings the hello’s, the what do you do for a living, and made small talk for several minutes. I asked the husband if this was the first time they had been to this club and he explained they came all the time and loved it. We told him that this was our first time and we were excited to see what happens. His wife Jane explained we had picked a good weekend to come because it was a special fantasy weekend.

My wife asked fantasy weekend? What do you mean?

Jane explained that every couple comes to the club with a specific fantasy in mind and they have to explain their fantasy to all the club members. Club members then all vote on which fantasy they like the best. The winner gets their fantasy played out by everybody in the club.  Whatever their fantasy was, they will be the center of attention for that event that entire evening.

We hadn’t planned on this at all, we had no fantasy in mind whatsoever. My wife said while I know you have special kinks that you enjoy and I enjoy them too, why don’t we just make that our fantasy? True, I said, that is right, let’s do that.

Jane’s husband Fred said that sounds intriguing, I’d love to know what your fantasy is or your special kink that you both enjoy. My wife and I looked at each other and I gave her a slight nod as to say go on tell them.

My wife said, well you see Fred, my husband loves to watch me suck other men’s cocks. He enjoys it immensely and I love to turn him on and excite him as much as possible so what turns him on turns me on too. But that’s not necessarily all.  I also have a bit of a mean streak and although I enjoy cum, I also enjoy forcing my husband to kiss me after, and taste the cum. Especially with big loads.

Wow, that is kinky, Jane said, I Love it.  I hope your fantasy wins. You are a beautiful woman and to watch you suck a bunch of cocks would be exciting, then when you add that fan-ally, well…

Fred asked how we got into the kink to begin with.  I told him it all started the day we met, I walked in on her sucking a guy’s cock and I was completely aroused. We didn’t talk about it as a fetish though until much later when we were married and became monogamous.  It turned out we didn’t want to be monogamous but we were afraid to tell each other until a few years into marriage.

Just then the host came to us and explained the fetish night and asked us to write down our fetish on a piece of paper and submit it.  My wife did and the other couple submitted theirs as well.  The host then explained they won’t be revealing the fetish stories until we have moved to the exclusive private area.  We both knew what that meant.  We would need to go naked in front of these strangers very soon.

At that moment Jane and Fred stood up and started towards the locker room.  Come on, they exclaimed, lets go, what’s taking you so long. So we got up and walked to the locker room

To our surprise there was a couple half dressed making out in the locker room.  It was a nice site.  The woman had her hand on the guys cock and she was stroking him.  The man still had his shirt on but the woman was topless and he was rubbing her nipples as they kissed.  Fred said, we get all sorts here but in a sarcastic way meaning they were trashy people having sex in a public locker room and that he wasn’t impressed.  Of course it was sarcasm because he liked it very much and it wasn’t considered trashy here at the club.

We watched the couple messing around for a few minutes.  The wife started sucking cock like a champ.  She was going to town on him.  When she sucked his cock she was getting right down to the base.  When she reached the bottom she looked over to us, just a glance of course, she had a dick down her throat after all, she looked at us and started licking his sack.  She had a cock down her throat and was still able to lick his balls.  It was amazing, I had only ever seen that in a porn.

I stared at the couple but that was soon broken, when my wife grabbed my hand.  “Well, she said, ” are you ready for this?  There is no turning back.” I stared in her eyes, raised my hands to her cheeks, gave her a deep loving kiss and said, as long as I’m with you, I’m ready for anything.

With that comment my wife immediately removed her bikini, and reached for my belt buckle in order to get me naked as fast as she could.  My wife didn’t notice Fred and Jane stop what they were doing to gaze at my naked wife. She was beautiful after all. I soon removed my clothes and off we went to the exclusive private area.

I must admit Fred and Jane looked attractive when naked as well.  I found my cock becoming slightly hard as I imagined my wife sucking Fred’s dick.

We all gathered in a large circle and one person began to speak loudly.  We were all sitting and of course my hands had made my way to my wife’s body and interestingly she didn’t place her hands on me.  I looked over and then saw her hand reaching over Jane and she was stroking Fred’s cock, along with Jane.  They were double fisting him both hands stroking.  I reached down to her pussy and gently touched her clitoris. She is quite sensitive at first.  I reached down and her pussy was wet already.  I looked at her nipples and they were erect.  Her eyes were wide and her cheeks were flush.  I realized she was very much aroused and enjoying herself.  It gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

The speaker began to explain how the night would be a fantasy night.  He explained how the winning couple would get their fantasy fulfilled.  But we had to convince the crowd that we should complete our fantasy and then by a raise of hands the winner would be decided. Why had we been asked to write it down then, I thought.  Oh well, my wife is a good public speaker anyway.

The couples began to speak and explain what they wanted.  One couple wanted to simply be watched by everybody as they fucked.  That was pretty plain.  Another couple, the husband wanted to line up all the woman in a doggy style position and take turns fucking each woman going back and forth as his wife watched from behind.  That seemed pretty unfair to the wife.  Where was her fun.  Another couple wanted everyone to get in a circle of man-woman-man-woman in a 69 position and simply complete oral on each other until we all came.  That sounded interesting to me actually, something we would all enjoy.

Then it came to Fred and Jane.  Jane was the speaker and she explained they both loved sex toys, dildos and butt plugs.  She said they wanted all the women in the club to focus on Fred, putting butt plugs in his ass as they fuck and suck him.  Then all the men would do the same to Jane with butt plugs in her ass as we all fucked her.

Wow, I thought, they are a pretty kinky couple as well.  No wonder they were not shocked when my babe told them our fetish. Then it was my wife’s turn.  She was last to speak. She explained in great detail our fetish and she was very aroused and sexy as she spoke.  She had all eyes and ears on her.  My wife is a very charismatic speaker and when she is horny it adds a new level. When she finished the room erupted with applause.  Clearly we were the winners.

Once everyone was done clapping they all began to surround us.  My wife naturally went down to her knees as five men were around her.  I watched as she looked at all their cocks and then looked up at the men. She grabbed Fred’s cock first and stroked it like she had when we were in a circle. Then with her other hand she started stroking another cock as she placed Fred’s cock in her mouth.  She was stroking hard and bobbing her head on his cock at a nice pace.  She would stop and lick the side of his shaft then go back to sucking.

I was totally turned on by watching her and all of a sudden I noticed five women walk up to me. One gave me an amazing kiss with her tongue. One was squeezing my ass while two others started to play with my balls and stroke my cock. They grabbed me by the hand and walked me closer to my wife so I could see clearly her sucking the other men’s cocks.

One lady spoke very sternly and said, get down on your knees right now and I did as she had said. I was down on the ground right beside my wife as she sucked cock. It only took a few seconds to notice that I was beside her and she stopped sucking the cock’s turned her head towards me and moved in for a big kiss. It was a big wet kiss and she tasted like cock all over her mouth. We stopped kissing and looked at each other and her eyes got real big and she said did you like that. Of course my cock was so completely hard she could tell I enjoyed it. She reached down and began to stroke my cock and she said it looks like you enjoyed it to me.

She soon went back to stroking and sucking the other men’s cocks while I watched. The other women knelt down beside me, began sucking my cock as well and kissing me and biting my nipples. It was completely awesome.  Every once in a while my wife would stop sucking and stroking the other guys cocks and come over and give me another wet and wild kiss. Each time she did it, she was sloppier and wetter and her mouth tasted more and more like cock.

After a few more minutes of that one of the ladies told me to get on all fours and get my head down and get my ass up. I didn’t know what was going to happen next but I was very excited to find out.

One of the ladies reached from behind in between my legs and started stroking my cock. It was an interesting sensation I hadn’t really felt before. The feeling of major vulnerability and submission. Next thing I knew someone was tickling my asshole.

I didn’t know that my dick could get any harder but at that moment it did. Before I knew it one of the ladies put her finger in my ass and was playing with my prostate. I was on the verge of coming and I had to tell her please stop I don’t want to come yet. I wanted to be the last one to come because I was afraid if I came first I wouldn’t want to eat the other men’s cum, having lost some of my sex drive. Unfortunately she didn’t stop what she was doing and she made me cum all in her hand. It was a huge puddle and all the ladies began to laugh and giggle.

Next she placed her hand in front of my face and told me to lick her palm clean. I very excitedly did just that. The women then began openly masturbating and telling me how hot it was to watch me do that and that their husbands had never done it. They explained they were excited to watch me clean my wife with my tongue.

When they said that, for some reason that set the men off and they began taking turns immediately ejaculating all my wife’s face, lips, tits and chin. All five guys came in under a minute.

I didn’t need to be told what to do, I immediately scurried over to my wife and began licking and kissing her on the lips. She was so completely covered in cum and I had never been so aroused my life. My wife said make sure that you swallow it all but also make sure that you taste it before you swallow. I took my time and licked her clean and made sure to taste the cum and swallow every drop while taking breaks to kiss her and share it with her.

When I was done cleaning her, it brought on a frenzy of fucking and sucking. Everybody just started having a complete fuck orgy. I grabbed my wife and she got on top of me and we had the best sex of our life while other couples had sex all around us. It was a fascinating night and when it was all done we agreed we would definitely be doing that again very soon.

Have you ever watched your Wife Suck Cock At A Swingers Club?  Please post a comment and tell us all about it.


The night I met my wife, she was sucking cock.  Looking back, when I think about my deep love for my wife and the way we met and the fetish I love so much, it seems quite logical it would begin like this.

I was invited to a party by a mutual friend.  A coworker from work, said hey there’s this girl I know.  Her boyfriend just broke up with her, she’s real pretty and nice, one of my wife’s best friends.  Do you want to come to a party Saturday night and meet her?

I was somewhat against blind dates, but this really wasn’t one.  I was just going to a party that she would be at.  A real casual meeting of sorts as opposed to a real date. I figured why, not, it’s a party, if I don’t like her I might find someone else to take home. I told my buddy sure and explained my thoughts.

“Oh, don’t worry”, he said, “you are really going to like Sandy, she’s a lot of fun.”

Josh and I got to the party around 9:00.  His wife went early to help setup.  When we got there we bumped right into his wife at the front door.

Lorraine said “Sandy and I are kind of tipsy, we drank a little too much already.  Josh go introduce your friend to Sandy, I think she’s outside in the back, I haven’t seen her in a bit.”

We walked around a bit and quite a few people we dressed skimpy.  There were a lot of good looking people and it almost felt like a high school party with lots of people making out.  We looked outside but could not find Sandy.  It was big house though with a finished basement. It make take time to finally meet this girl.


She was sucking cock

Wife sucks cock the night we met

I suddenly had an urge to go to the bathroom, it must have been the pre drinking we did, so I went upstairs to find a bathroom. I quickly finished my business and unlocked the door.  At the same time a cute couple was coming up the stairs and they darted into one of the bedrooms.  I was lucky they left the bedroom door open as I slowly walked past to see the action.  The girl had her hands on the dudes pants, working frantically to get his pants off.  Hungry girl, I thought.  At the same time he had already pulled her black dress off  and was squeezing her ass.  I got a nice glance at her boobs and they were very sexy.  Small but very perky, with small nipples and perfectly shaped and symmetric for her body.  I began to walk down the stairs but noticed I had an erection coming on very quickly.

I said to myself, fuck it, I’ll meet Sandy later, I can watch this couple go at it and play with myself.  I slowly went back to the entrance and watched them play.  The girlfriend was now on her knees.  Her jet black hair falling down her back and her head was bobbing away.

The boyfriend said “Fuck you are so hot baby!!  I haven’t got off in days.  I don’t think I will last very long”

She was sucking cockI kind of chuckled to myself but a little too loud.  They both looked over and saw me watching.  They looked a little shocked.

The boyfriend said, “Oh Fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.  His girlfriend stopped looking at me and went back to business sucking on his cock. He came in her mouth and she stroked and stroked.  I could see her throat was swallowing it all, I was pretty amazed with her skills.  I could tell he had finally finished and she stopped stroking.

She then stood up, and stared at me.  She didn’t look to happy.  Kind of mad but sexy at the same time.  She walked over to me.

Can you believe this perv.  How gross, watching us make love.  Ah, don’t you have a woman of your own? She laughed and said, here,

“I’ll give you a kiss.

Kissing after sucking

Then his hot girlfriend planted a wet kiss on my mouth.  It wasn’t no grandma kiss, she pushed her tongue into my mouth. My first thought was fucking eh, this girl is so hot and is now kissing me.  So I decided to kiss her back and she responded well, like she enjoyed it.

Then it dawned on me.  She tasted a little different.  She just had her boyfriends cock in her mouth.  She just swallowed all his cum and then she kissed me.  I felt violated a little but intrigued at the same time.  You don’t meet girls like this everyday.

We stopped kissing and we just kind of stared at each other for what seemed an eternity.

Then I spoke, I said, What The Fuck Was That?

She said, that was just a kiss.

She grabbed her boyfriends hand and they rushed out of the room while getting dressed. I was somewhat dazed as I stood there. I just kissed a girl and she was sucking cock.  I finally walked downstairs and ran into Josh’s wife, Lorraine.

“Where the fuck were you? Josh and I were looking for you. I want you to meet Sandy, come with me”

We walked into the kitchen and I was embarrassed and my cheeks were getting red.  The couple from upstairs were standing right there in the kitchen.

Then Lorraine spoke and the couple turned and listened to what she had to say.

“Sandy, meet Ty, Ty meet Sandy.”

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As you learned in my first post, I love it when my wife sucks cock.  Particularly other men and only when I get to watch.  When she explained what my birthday present would be this year I was ecstatic. She had decided several months before that for my birthday she would suck off another man right in front of me.  The prospect was very exciting.  We had only a few encounters with other people doing a couple soft swaps so we were not swinging virgins but no intercourse with others. We just had sex in front of another couple.  Or we would masturbate as we watch other couples do it.

Click to view videos of Wives Sucking Cocks
Wife Sucks lots of Cocks

I call a soft swap when all you perform is oral sex on another person, usually as your spouse is doing the same in the same room with another person.  This first time we did a swap is when I first learned I love it when my WIFE SUCKS COCK.

We have maintained the rule that intercourse was only for us to share but oral sex is fine to perform on other people as long as we are together when we do it.  No going behind each others back and lying.

My wife has the hottest body and is extremely attractive.  I love when we go out in public and I see several men doing the rubber neck, turning their heads to see the hot chick that walked by.  Her lips are especially tantalizing, and when they are around my cock, oh wow.  She has told me on several occasions how she loves sucking cock.  I noticed each time she said it she didn’t really specify my cock.  I noticed but I didn’t say anything. We met in our third year of college and I found out our first night together she was a extremely experienced cock sucker.  I assumed then that there had been many a cock in that beautiful mouth before mine.  It didn’t seem to bother me at all.

I loved the thought of her being my little slut.  I loved her and needed to show her how much.  I wanted her to know her sexual gratification was of utmost importance and I wanted her to enjoy more than just me.  As long as we were there together, I didn’t see a problem with it.

I started watching a fair bit of gang bang porn and it got me really horny and hard.  I tended to enjoy the ones where the female was a wife and her husband would sit and watch her be gang banged.

One night to see what my wife’s interest would be in this type of activity, I played a porn scene for her when we were watching porn together.  It’s something we did every now and again.  Usually we lay in bed and fondle each other or ourselves as we watched.  I pretended like the gang bang scene appearing was an accident and her first reaction was to tell me to turn it off. I explained something a little different can always be fun for one night and it’s still porn so why not.  She passively agreed.

It was another one of those husband wife scenes.  There were three men that showed up to move a piano.  The wife forgot they were coming and was in a towel.  The husband was on his way home early from work.  As porno goes, one thing quickly led to another and she was accidentally naked and the men were completely aroused.  They explained the cost to move the piano would be free if she sucked their cocks.  The hot brunette wife, who looked similar to my wife relented and agreed because it would save her husband money.  The husband actually returned home and over heard the entire discussion.  When he saw her naked he decided to hide behind a wall to see what would happen.  He knew everything and was fine with it.  As the wife in the porno placed the first big cock in her mouth, I slowly reached over to my wife’s pussy to give her a gently rub.

To my wonderful surprise she was sobbing web and her clit was throbbing.

I said you fucking love this don’t you?

No, No, she fired back, it’s just porn and I’ve been horny waiting to do this all day.

I don’t believe you for a second, you have never been this wet and this aroused so quickly.

Again she said, No, No, I jus…..

I cut her off right there.  I put my hand over her mouth and said stop.  Then I leaned into her and gently nibbled on her ear and said.

Don’t worry, I love it too.  I’ve never been so turned on during a porn.  I’m picturing you as that woman and I fucking love it.  Feel my cock. She reached down and gently rubbed my cock.  Her eyes got big when she felt how hard my cock was.  Just like in the movies she moved her lips to mine as quick as she could and forced a very sexy wet kiss onto me.  We kissed madly for several seconds as I slowly placed my fingers in her pussy and flicked her nipple.

My dream had come true, my new found fetish was hers as well. From then on I knew I would always be there when my WIFE SUCKS COCK.


I Love To Watch As My Wife Sucks Cock


When I say my Wife Sucks Cock, I’m not just talking about my cock.  Yes, of course I love to watch her suck my cock, but I really get excited when I watch her suck another guys cock.  Do you think I’m crazy?  Yes I think I may be too but fuck I can’t help myself.  I absolutely love the idea of sharing my wife.  Being free and giving and willing to watch her enjoy sex, not just with me but with other partners.  Yes it’s true, I’m not into watching her fuck other guys, just watching when my wife sucks cock.

Wife Sucks Cock

Wife Sucks Cock

She is an amazingly beautiful woman.  When her wet, fat lips surround my cock and I see her eyes enlarge as my cock goes down her throat I can’t help but think, am I the only guy that will ever enjoy it when my wife sucks cock.

It all began when I was turned on to watching gangbangs.  As with any porn to get excited with the same fetish, you need to add adventure and more kinky behavior as you continue along.  After a while I realized the story line had to include women in relationships with a man, participating in a gangbang.  Then it went to married women of course.  I also have another fetish I enjoy that goes hand in hand with watching when my wife sucks cock.  But I’m not going to talk about that just yet.  In the coming weeks and months I’ll go into great details about this fetish, about how I introduced it to my wife and about her first encounter with other men.  The decisions we made, the rules we followed and the meaning and fulfillment it provided.

If you have this same fetish like I do, please post and share your story and thoughts about watching when your wife sucks cock.